Your a virgin huh ?

So I’m in consultation with a prospective new client and I’m taking her chemical history….

Me : With your hair being chin length can you explain your history of colour services over the last 3 years ?

Client : I haven’t coloured my hair at all ! It’s natural !

Me: mmmm … I can see a distinctive demarcation and above it your hairs grey and below it’s not ?

Client : Well maybe that’s because of the natural brown root touch up kit I use once a month ???

Me : 😳 😂🤦🏼‍♀️

Client : But it said its natural ????

I’m sure all the colourists out there can relate to this ! Funny as it is it’s actually a little bit worrying to think that the marketing etc the colour companies do actually has the public believing that they can channel their inner bloody Jack Howard or Guy Tang in their bathroom  . If I had £1 for every new client that has misinterpreted what a semi permanent is I would be a millionaire ! I myself hate the availability of our chemicals to the unlicensed public. I feel sorry for the women who without education in our craft destroy their hair But I also find it fascinating just how big of a set of gahoona’s these people have ! I’ve met ladies who have carried out corrective processes with lighteners and colour removers over a bottle of prosseco ! It’s a crazy world ! We are never going to stop the shops retailing hair colour and we will never stop the public using it but it is most definitely my life’s work to educate the clients I gain from correcting their failed attempts on a Homebrè 😂👌🏽😂
So ! next time your client tells you she’s a virgin make sure you probe deeper there aren’t that many left 😉

Sophie B M.C.E